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Melissa Dolce has been involved in all forms of art and design her entire life – from coloring on her bedroom walls, making her own clothes, to designing national ad campaigns. She graduated with a degree in Visual Communications/Design in Indiana.


Since then, Melissa has worked as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer all over the country. She has created VIP campaigns at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and directed Marketing promotions overseas, in Turkey. She has worked in Tampa as an Art Director and Designer since 2005.

As her ambition and love for creativity grew, she pursued the challenge of fashion design and instantly became a sought after couture designer. Melissa’s collections have appeared in numerous fashion shows, events and publications. She was named Tampa Bays, Best of the Bay Fashion Designer 2017.

Melissa has a true passion for all things creative and is constantly searching for new challenging endeavors to feed that passion. She enthusiastically strives to continually create one-of-a-kind, unique fashion, to express individuality and empowering confidence.

If she’s not creating she’s giving back to the community as a dedicated volunteer to several Tampa Bay Charities.


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